MidOpt® Professional Optics Cleaning Kits

Help maintain the durability and lifespan of your optical components with the MidOpt Professional Optics Cleaning Kit, which includes all of the essentials. A Cleaner + Cloth and Microfiber Cloths are also available for in the lab or on the go.

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Right Angle Attachment by MidOpt®

  • Permits viewing at a 90° angle
  • Helpful for applications with space constraints
  • Attachments can be adapted to smaller lenses by using step-up rings
  • Assembly locks in position with a thumb screw, guarding against movement due to shock or vibration
  • To avoid vignetting, use with longer focal length lenses (16mm or higher)

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New MidOpt® 450nm Indigo Bandpass Filters

Enhance viewing of subjects illuminated by a 450nm blue LED or laser light source.

MidOpt® introduces the BP450 Indigo Bandpass and the BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass, two new filters designed for multi-application use.

The MidOpt BP450 Indigo Bandpass Filter is commonly used in fluorescence applications with an emission ranging from (430-460nm). It is suitable for use with LED or laser diodes with higher than normal ambient lighting conditions.

Blue LED Illumination and UV Excited Blue Fluorescence Applications:

The BP450 is an excellent choice for enhancing viewing of subjects illuminated by a 450nm blue LED. For UV Fluorescence applications, its broad bandwidth and high peak transmission results in significantly brighter, higher contrast images.

Blue Laser Applications:

The BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass is a great choice for use with 3D blue laser triangulation systems used for measuring position, distance, level, displacement, proximity and profiles of objects. This also includes industrial process automation and control, as well as for test and measurement in process monitoring and validation. It is also highly-effective when used in applications with higher than normal ambient lighting conditions.

StableEDGE® and A/R-Coated:

As with all MidOpt Bandpass filters, the BP450 and BN450 are both manufactured with MidOpt StablEDGE® technology making them less sensitive to angle of incidence variations than traditional interference filters. They are also both coated with the MidOpt BBAR Anti-reflection coating. Both filters are available with standard lens mounts ranging from 13.25mm to 105mm. They are also available in unmounted sizes up to a 165mm square

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Custom Slip Mounts by MidOpt®

MidOpt specializes in custom filter slip mounts for any irregular, oversized or telecentric lens within any vision system. MidOpt filter mount options and capabilities are nearly limitless. Only from MidOpt.

MidOpt Distributor Finder

MidOpt offers over 3000 industrial imaging products and optical components worldwide. Easily find a distributor near you with the distributor finder tool on

MidOpt Mount Size Finder

With the MidOpt Mount Size Finder, all you need is your camera lens part #. Enter it in the search and instantly find the proper filter mount for your lens.

MidOpt Curve Compare Tool

The MidOpt Curve Compare tool is designed to quickly and easily compare wavelength and transmission for up to 5 different machine vision filters at once.

New LP8000 Germanium DLC Coated LWIR Protective Window

MidOpt introduces the LP8000 Germanium Window has a DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating that is abrasion-resistant and can withstand harsh environments. It has a 7.5–12.5 micron useful range and is an ideal protective window for thermal camera enclosures. It also has an anti-reflection coating to maximize transmission when thermal imaging in the LWIR (long-wave infrared).