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MidOpt Introduces New SWIR Filters and Wire-Grid Polarizers at VISION Messe Stuttgart Booth #1G53

Palatine, IL. (October 24, 2018) – Midwest Optical Systems (MidOpt), a worldwide leader in manufacturing machine vision filters specially designed to enhance contrast and image quality, will showcase their new Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Filters and Wire-Grid Polarizers November 6 through 8 at VISION Messe Stuttgart booth #1G53. SWIR Filters enhance the image quality of InGaAs camera technology for a variety of machine vision applications and are useful for applications imaging from 900-2300nm. Wire-Grid Polarizers are effective in both the visible and infrared, ranging from 400-2000nm.

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Healthy Crop

Converted Consumer Cameras and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Assess Crop Health – Featured in Inspect

Triple Bandpass Filters are tools that allow us to go above and beyond traditional Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) indicators to reinvent the way we monitor crop health and collect more information than ever before.

Traditionally, NDVI was used to determine plant health, which incorporates a camera with a red and near-infrared (NIR) filter—and the equation NDVI = (NIR – Red)/(NIR + Red). While this is a great tool, scientific advances have found that modifying this calculation can provide even more details about crop and field health. Similarly to red light, healthy plants also absorb visible blue light. And in addition to NIR light, healthy plants also reflect some visible green light. These facts enable us to assess crop health quickly, inexpensively and in realtime using converted consumer cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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