Backlight fluoreSHEET®

Achieve a backlight effect using front illumination with the Backlight fluoreSHEET® by MidOpt®.

Backlights provide sharp contrast to outline a shape, edges or an opening. But applications with space constraints may dictate backlight utilization. MidOpt introduces the backlight fluoreSHEET® (BF590). When the fluoreSHEET® is illuminated from the front with a blue LED light, it emits an orange fluorescence. A backlight effect can be created by using a MidOpt Orange Bandpass Filter (BP590) to capture the orange emission and block the blue LED excitation, giving the appearance of a bright white diffuse background in a monochrome image.

  • Adhesive Backing
  • Repels water
  • Tear-resistant
  • Flexible

Available Sizes:


Image Results:

To achieve a backlight effect, pair the Backlight fluoreSHEET® with MidOpt Orange Bandpass Filter

BP590 Orange Bandpass Filter

The BP590 Orange Bandpass Filter is necessary to capture the orange wavelength that is being emitted from the fluoreSHEET®, while blocking the blue excitation from the LED light source. The result is a bright white diffuse background similar to the effect of backlight illumination.