The MidOpt LP8000 Germanium Window has a DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating that is abrasion-resistant and can withstand harsh environments. It has a 7.5–12.5 micron useful range and is an ideal protective window for thermal camera enclosures. It also has an anti-reflection coating to maximize transmission when thermal imaging in the LWIR (long-wave infrared).  

The LP8000 has a very durable surface to withstand harsh environments and is designed to be resistant to corrosion, chemicals, alkalis and most acids.  It also serves to protect against abrasive airborne particles, salt water and high humidity.

Germanium is produced in single or poly crystalline form. It is a vital element used for semiconductors and IR optical components. Germanium is also widely used as a substrate in optical filters for manufacturing a versatile and very durable front optic.

Thermal Imaging Example

LP8000 features:

Like most MidOpt filters, the LP8000 is manufactured using StablEDGE™ Technology, making it far less susceptible to effects from angular shifting seen when optical filters are placed in front of short focal length (<12mm) camera lenses.

The LP8000 also comes with an Anti-reflection (A/R) coating. When a ray of light passes through a glass surface, a portion of the light is reflected, resulting in a 4% transmission loss per surface. MidOpt uses anti-reflection coating on all filter designs, reducing surface reflection to less than 1%. This improves the efficiency of the vision system by increasing transmission, enhancing contrast and eliminating ghost images. The LP8000 can also transmit wavelengths in the LWIR.

LP8000 applications:

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Pyroelectric/Thermopile
  • Flame Detection
  • Defense & Space

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