Palatine, Ill. (August 9, 2016) – Festo, a worldwide leader in automation (pneumatic and electrical control), technical training and development, has successfully implemented the first ever eMotionButterflies which show how several autonomous flying objects can move independently in an enclosed space without colliding.

“With the use of MidOpt BN850 Near-IR Bandpass Filters, active markers (850nm IR LEDs) and a 10 infrared camera set-up, Festo has demonstrated how the use of an indoor GPS and infrared cameras could be used as a guidance and monitoring system in factories of the future,” says MidOpt President Barry Warzak.

The MidOpt BN850 Filter helps provide reliability and stability by blocking unwanted ambient light while only passing the signal from the 850nm IR LED’s to the cameras. Equipped with the BN850, the cameras can accurately transmit the position data to a central master computer, which acts like an air traffic controller and coordinates the butterflies from outside the area.

“Advances in motion analysis such as this demonstrate how optical filters are not only effective in improving Machine Vision applications, but can be useful for non-industrial purposes as well. Machine Vision is no longer confined to the factory and is becoming incorporated in an ever-growing number of newer applications. Our product lines have necessarily grown to address and satisfy these emerging opportunities. We at MidOpt look forward to helping shape the future of vision-guided technologies,” says Barry Warzak, MidOpt President and Owner.

To learn more about the BN850 and the Festo eMotionButterflies Project, 

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