Palatine, Ill. (August 8, 2017) – Testing is now easier than ever with the MidOpt NS100 Neutral Density (ND) Filter Swatch Kit. ND Filter Swatch Kits include all of the most popular ND Filters and allow you to stack multiple ND Filters to achieve a custom optical density. The NS100 is a great tool to have in the field or in a laboratory to test the effects of ND Filters, solve applications quickly and improve image quality.

Neutral Density Filters, recognized in the industry as “sunglasses for your system,” are designed to reduce light intensity neutrally over a specific wavelength range without affecting image color or contrast. They also serve as a great solution for lens aperture control and reducing depth of field. ND Filters are available in both absorptive and reflective style options and can be used with monochrome or color cameras.

The NS100 ND Filter Swatch Kit includes 43mm size filters, and no mounting is required. Each kit includes an ND030 (OD: 0.3), ND060 (OD: 0.6), ND090 (OD: 0.9), ND120 (OD:1.2), ND200 (OD:2.0), ND300 (OD: 3.0) and ND400 (OD: 4.0).

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