Choose the Proper Wavelength

Testing the effects of monochromatic LED illumination in a system is easily accomplished by using  broad spectrum illumination and a MidOpt Filter Kit. When testing, each bandpass filter achieves a similar result as the matching LED wavelength would yield. This aids in determining the appropriate LED wavelength for the application.

MidOpt_Choosing_a_FilterReduce Cost & Lead Time
Being equipped with a large variety of lighting options can be impractical and expensive. Testing with MidOpt filters offers significant savings in time and resources when working toward an optimal lighting solution. Once an appropriate wavelength range has been determined, a bandpass filter is then used to complement the chosen lighting and control potential interference from ambient light.

Control the Variability of Ambient Light
Once appropriate lighting has been chosen, a complementary filter aids in correcting specific problems and in controlling the variability of ambient lighting conditions

Solve Applications Quickly 

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