Slip Mount

  • Designed for varifocal lenses, wide angle lenses and lenses without filter threads
  • Accommodates standard threaded mounts
  • Low profile and oversize diameter design prevents wide angle lens vignetting
  • Locking set screws and a wrench are provided to secure the adapter to the lens
  • Many varifocal and shorter fixed focal length (wide angle) lenses are not supplied with filter threads due to the presence of a protruding, strongly convex lens element. Our slip mount adapters allow standard threaded filters to be fitted securely to these and a large variety of lenses that do not have filter threads provided.

How to Order

To order a filter with a slip mount, first select your filter type (e.g. BP470), then measure the outside diameter of the lens in millimeters (e.g. 43). To complete your filter part number, add a “S” in front of the outside diameter and append the result to the filter type with a hyphen (e.g. BP470-S43).

For assistance building your filter part number, visit any filter page.

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