Custom Mounting

Vision systems are increasingly utilizing S-mount (M12) lenses to achieve a leaner system design, lighter weight and smaller footprint.

MidOpt offers filter mounting solutions ideal for these types of applications:

• Small profile slip-on mounts which secure to the lens with a locking screw.
• For extremely wide-angle M12 lenses, we offer the option to cement (mount) the filter behind the lens closer to the sensor.

How to Order

To order, first select your filter type (e.g. BP470), then measure the outside diameter of the lens in millimeters (e.g. 14). Use “S” for slip and add the outside diameter of the lens followed by the letter “A” (e.g. BP470-S14A).

Outside Diameter Range Part # Suffix
13.2-14.2mm -S14A
14.3-15.0mm -S15A

For assistance building your filter part number, visit any filter page.

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