How to Choose the Best Machine Vision Filter

In order to select the best filter, you’ll need to pinpoint your objective or the imaging problem you’re currently having. One of the most common filters used for enhancing vision systems is a bandpass filter. To discover the best bandpass filter for your application, use broad spectrum illumination (white light) and a machine vision bandpass filter test kit to highlight various wavelengths. When testing, each bandpass filter achieves a similar result as the matching LED wavelength would yield. This aids in determining the appropriate LED wavelength for the application.

By viewing the resulting image each bandpass filter provides, you can determine the best color for maximizing contrast and reducing interfering light. In addition to bandpass filters, we offer many other filters to help reduce glare, remove saturation, balance color and more.

Optical filters are the simplest, most cost-effective way to enhance repeatability and to achieve the highest level of performance from your machine vision system. For more information, contact MidOpt by calling +1 (847) 359-3550 or email us at