Protective Filters

AC Series - Acrylic Longpass

  Part #DescriptionUseful RangeCut-on
50% T
 #F2F3F2AC370Acrylic Oleophobic VIS A/R Coated Protective Window380-850nm370nm 
 #F2F3F2AC380Acrylic VIS A/R Protective Window400-850nm380nm 
New#F2F3F2AC385Hard-Coated Acrylic Protective Window390-1100nm 
NewAC389Acrylic VIS + NIR A/R Coated Protective Window420-1100nm 
 #F2F3F2AC400Acrylic Oleophobic VIS A/R Coated UV-Block Protective Window415-1100nm400nm 

LP Series - Lens Protection

  Part #DescriptionUseful RangeCut-on
50% T
 #F2F3F2LP170Fused Silica Protective Window200-2300nm 
 LP171Fused Silica Multi-Layer Vis A/R Coated Protective Window380-900nm 
 #F2F3F2LP190Sapphire Protective Window250-2300nm 
 #F2F3F2LP285Borofloat® Multi-Layer VIS A/R Coated Protective Window350-1100nm285nm 
 #F2F3F2LP286Borofloat® Oleophobic VIS A/R Coated Protective Window350-1100nm340nm 
 #F2F3F2LP330Industrial-Grade Glass Protective Window350-1100nm320nm 
 #F2F3F2LP340Industrial-Grade Multi-Layer VIS A/R Coated Glass Protective Window 350-800nm340nm 
 #F2F3F2LP341Industrial-Grade Oleophobic VIS A/R Coated Glass Protective Window365-1100nm335nm 
 #F2F3F2LP345Precision Multi-Layer VIS A/R Coated Glass Protective Window350-800nm340nm 
New#F2F3F2LP347Near-IR A/R Coated Glass Protective Window690-1090nm360nm 
New#F2F3F2LP389Precision Multi-Layer VIS + NIR A/R Coated Glass Protective Window400-1100nm380nm 
 #F2F3F2LP390UV-Absorbing Protective Window410-1100nm380nm 
 #F2F3F2LP415UV Block A/R Protective Window 415-1100nm415nm 
 #b1238fLP8000Germanium DLC Coated LWIR Protective Window7500-12500nm5235nm 

Custom Protective Windows

MidOpt specializes in manufacturing custom made Protective Windows, which can be designed for nearly any type or size application at any wavelength range requirement. MidOpt custom windows can be manufactured from different substrates and include various coatings depending on the application requirements.

Available Options:

  • Glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, sapphire and other substrates
  • Oleophobic, anti-reflection, anti-smudge, anti-fog and hydrophobic coatings available
  • Chemically strengthened glass options, including Gorilla Glass®
  • Wavelength and polarization filtering
  • Adhesive backing for easy fastening
  • IR-transmitting ink
  • Custom silk screening service for borders, masking, fiducial marks, logos or patterns
  • Available with various mounting configurations based on need