#999999 PG120 High Temperature Ultra High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizer Filter 2.5mm thk

The PG120 Ultra High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizer is designed to reduce glare, increase color saturation and improve overall image quality when inspecting highly reflective surfaces in harsh, high temperature environments. This innovative glass polarizer solves the temperature sensitivity issues that are common with standard polarizing film, which typically fails or curls when introduced to high temperatures for a extended period of time. The PG120 is ideal for high-temperature-emitting LEDs and can be custom sized for any light source up to 405 x 635mm.

The PG120 is abrasion- and solvent-resistant and has an anti-reflection oleophobic coating to maximize transmission while repelling dirt and oil–making it the perfect polarizer for industrial imaging. It’s easy to clean, reliable and has ultimate glare reduction over the entire visible spectrum.

The best results are achieved when high-quality polarizing film, like the PG120, is used over the light source in conjunction with a polarizing filter over the camera lens. To maximize glare reduction, use the PR120 in combination with the PG120 Linear Polarizing Filter over the illuminating light source.

Temperature Rating: 115°C x 240 hours

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  • Useful Range : 400-700nm
  • Contrast Ratio : 10,000:1
  • Surface Quality : 80/50
  • Thickness : 2.5 ±0.2mm