PA1000 VIS/NIR Wire Grid Oleophobic Coated Acrylic Linear Polarizer Window

These economical VIS/NIR wire grid polarizers offer unmatched extinction of glare and greatly increased durability compared to wire grid polarizing films. They are laminated to a single piece of acrylic and are intended for applications where an external surface must be exposed to potentially harsh conditions, while the internal surface is naturally situated in a protected environment. Appropriate examples include lighting applications, rotating polarizers threaded onto the front of lenses, and polarizers that are mounted in camera enclosures. PA1000 sheet material is routinely laser cut to desired custom shapes, sizes and mounting configurations.  PA1000 polarizers are based on the same wire grid film used in our PG1000 glass polarizers.They are offered in 1.2mm thickness.

  • Useful Range : 400-2000nm
  • Contrast Ratio : 8,000:1
  • Thickness : 1.2mm