#660000 Pi035 (Limited) VIS/NIR Wire Grid Linear Polarizer, High Transmission

Particularly useful for minimizing glare in light-starved applications, these wire grid polarizers are also well-suited for applications involving high heat. The rotating mount makes it easy to orient the polarizer, finding the point where glare is minimized. The locking thumb screw available on all MidOpt rotating polarizers insures that accidental jarring or repositioning does not occur.

Best results are seen when this polarizer is used over the lens in conjunction with an appropriate polarizer film over the light source.

*Not available in 1mm thickness or standard 25.4™ C-Mount option. For filters thicker than 1mm, we offer an alternative mounting solution that has an overall thickness of 5.5mm. This mount can accommodate filters up to 3.5mm thick. To view this alternative C-Mount option, click here.

  • Useful Range : 400-2000nm
  • Contrast Ratio : 500:1
  • Surface Quality : 40/20