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NEW Triple Bandpass Filters for NDVI and ENDVI

Assess crop health quickly, inexpensively and in real-time using converted consumer cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Palatine, Ill. (May 25, 2017) – Triple Bandpass Filters are tools that allow users to go above and beyond traditional Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) indicators to reinvent the way crop health is monitored and to collect more information than ever before. Traditionally, true NDVI was used to determine plant health, which incorporates a camera with a red and (near-infrared) NIR filter and the equation NDVI = (NIR – Red) / (NIR + Red).

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For Machine Vision By Machine Vision

MidOpt filters designed for machine vision are now enhanced with robotic precision – Featured in MVPro Magazine

Midwest Optical Systems (MidOpt) has more than 30 years of experience in industrial optics and is a worldwide leader in manufacturing filters specially designed for machine vision applications. MidOpt sets the industry standard for filter performance, and their recent addition is no exception to their tradition of excellence and innovation. MidOpt unveils an industry first, introducing cutting-edge robotic technology into their assembly system to ensure quality and repeatability by limiting the possibility of human error in the manufacturing and inspection processes. MidOpt filters offer many distinct advantages, including StablEDGE® technology, improved contrast, optical flatness control and an automation process that ensures filters that are free of imperfections.

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Select an Optical Filter to Suit Changing Conditions

Article Featured in Industrial Photonics

Optical filters have long been critical components in traditional machine vision applications. They maximize contrast, improve color and subject recognition, or otherwise control light reflected from an object under inspection. Typically, filters are used for machine vision tasks that do not vary much from product to product or from one subject to the next. However, recent advances in sensors, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction and other technologies have led to the use of machine vision in more flexible applications such as sorting, material handling and automated assembly. When choosing a filter for these applications, consider the following.

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