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Select an Optical Filter to Suit Changing Conditions

Article Featured in Industrial Photonics

Optical filters have long been critical components in traditional machine vision applications. They maximize contrast, improve color and subject recognition, or otherwise control light reflected from an object under inspection. Typically, filters are used for machine vision tasks that do not vary much from product to product or from one subject to the next. However, recent advances in sensors, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction and other technologies have led to the use of machine vision in more flexible applications such as sorting, material handling and automated assembly. When choosing a filter for these applications, consider the following.

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NEW IR-Block/Visible Transmitting Optical Filters

Palatine, Ill. (January 19, 2017) – MidOpt announces the availability of three new imaging filters primarily intended for blocking unwanted near-infrared light. Filters include: SP635 Absorptive Visible Shortpass/Near-IR Block FilterSP644 Near-IR/Mid-Red Dichroic Block Shortpass Filter, and AB555 Acrylic Absorptive Near-IR/UV-Block Visible Bandpass Filter.

Mounting solutions are available to help customize any imaging application. MidOpt’s unique filter mounting options include: Standard Threaded Mounts, Slip Mounts that easily adapt to lenses without filter threads, the exclusive 25.4™ C-Mount for easy installation into cameras, and custom fabrication of unmounted shapes and sizes.

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NEW Filters for NDVI Related Applications

New Bandpass & Multi-Bandpass Filters for NDVI Imaging Applications

Palatine, Ill. (January 4, 2017) – MidOpt announces the availability of new optical filters mainly intended for plant health surveillance. Filters include Bi725 Red Edge Bandpass Filter and three multi-band visible + infrared filters: DB550/850 Dual Bandpass Filter, TB475/550/850 Blue+Green+NIR Triple Bandpass Filter and TB550/660/850 Green+Red+NIR Triple Bandpass Filter – all used to distinguish thriving from stressed vegetation.

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New Acrylic Longpass Filters

MidOpt introduces new acrylic longpass filters, featured in Imaging Machine Vision Europe

Midwest Optical Systems has introduced new acrylic longpass filters. Acrylic Longpass Filters are frequently used as enclosure windows, to shield lenses and lighting from damage, or to economically control the wavelength emission in large area, broad spectrum light sources.  Because of their durability, they are also commonly used in Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulated applications where exposed glass over the inspection area is not permitted. AC370 and AC380 offer anti-abrasion, anti-reflection coatings which can also withstand harsh solvents such as acetone and MEK.

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