November 6 to 8, 2018
Messe Stuttgart
Stuttgart, Germany


Whether your vision system is counting items, reading codes or examining specific objects for defects, optical filters can help you achieve a more stable, accurate system. Come see the many varieties offered, and discover the best solution for your application. MidOpt Filter Kits will also be on hand, which showcase the most popular MidOpt filters. Filter Kits are an excellent resource for testing the effects of monochromatic illumination before investing in lighting hardware.

See the innovative MidOpt StablEDGE® technology on display with a live demo. StablEDGE® optical filters are specifically designed to be less susceptible to effects from angular shifting, seen when they are placed in front of short focal length (<12mm) camera lenses. This feature is becoming increasingly important as today’s trend in machine vision imaging progresses toward more compact inspection layouts, which utilize less space and force the camera and lens closer to the subject.


VISION features a wide range of products and services from sensors to processors, cables to cameras and software to illumination. View complete machine vision systems for various applications in many different industries – all in once place.

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